Basic excel for beginners

What is ms excel and its features

Why do we use MS Excel?

Before learning excel, what is ms excel and its features? it is very important to know that why do we use excel. Excel has various types of functions and options from this way you can create any type of complex function and formula also work on a different type of graphical representation of data and pivot chart.
We can create a different type of pivot table for data analysis. It has the power to design a dashboard which is helpful to analyze your data and to take the strategic decision as you want.

Introduction MS excel and its features

MS Excel is a Spreadsheet application software which is developed by works on a different operating system such as windows, MAC OS, iOS, Android e.t.c. ms excel contains many rectangle boxes which are cells. Each and every cell has unique address such as C4 where C is a column name and 4 is a row number. You can see below picture to understand.


overview for learn excel
Overview of MS Excel Image 001

So, friend, we will look for some important basic topics MS excel and its features

Quick Access Toolbar 

The Quick Access Toolbar display in the top left-hand corner of your ms excel screen which is also displayed in the picture.

Quick access toolbar holds the commands that you use over and over again i.e save, undo, repeat. they are accessible whichever menu tab you happen to be in.

you customize your quick access toolbar by adding your own selection of commands to do this click drop-down button and click more command and then you choose your command and click add button to add up into Quick access toolbar.



Already we have discussed cell in this post now we will learn more about a cell. cells are the building blocks of an excel spreadsheet, the little rectangles where different columns and rows intersect. cell use for organizing, calculate and analyze the data of your spreadsheet.


you can use navigate key to move one cell to another and also you can use the mouse to select randomly one cell and group of a cell. the group of cells is called range.

cells can contain advanced properties, too, like formatting, comments, formulas, and functions.

Row and Column

it is very important we identify what is a row and what is a column in excel can see in clearly in the above picture that rows are horizontal and columns are verticle also rows headers represent by number i.e. 1,2,3….e.t.c. and column headers represent by alphabet name i.e. A,B,C,D…..e.t.c. 

row and column in excel

Cell Reference OR Cell Address

It’s very important to understand what is cell reference. Every cell has own unique reference or address which is made by column alphabet and row number. you can also see the above picture to know what is cell reference. the highlighted active cell has a unique address which is C4 where C is a column header and 4 is a row header. for more details, you can click the link below.

active cell black box

Types of Cell Reference

Name Box

The name box resides over on the top left of your Excel screen below the ribbon tab also to know you can see the above picture.

Name Box

Name box uses to see the active cell reference or address.

Even you can also give the name of the selected range and it will help you to build your formula.

Formula Bar

Formula Bar shows the content of the active cell and if an active cell has formula then the value of formula shows in cell and the formula will show in the formula bar.

formula bar in excel

Sheets in Excel

Basically, Excel workbook has 3 sheets and you can add and delete sheet according to can work only one sheet at a moment. The Sheet which you are working on call an active sheet.

sheets in excel

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